Students will have the opportunity to present their work so to let the other participants and lecturers know their research activity and share impressions and suggestions.

Each presentation will last 10 minutes, with 3 minutes then given for questions.

An award will be issued to the best presented work.

The program of the presentations is:

Tuesday September 7, 16:00 – 17:30 – Signal Processing for Human Characteristics

  • Maria Maddalena Autorino, “Deep Learning for Biomedical Inverse Problems”
  • Leya Barrientos, ”Immersive audio applications in EMG sonification for physiotherapy”
  • Gianluca Cervino, “Multibiometric system based on Facial Video and rPPG signal”
  • Stefano Franceschini, “Some Applications of Ultrasound and Microwave in Healthcare and Biosensing”
  • Wang Jun, “Deepfake video Detection based on one-class classifier”
  • Gianluca Rho, “Brain source effective connectivity during the administration of hedonic olfactory stimuli using Dynamic Causal Modeling”
  • Guo Wei, ”A Master Key Backdoor for Universal Impersonation Attack against DNN-based Face Verification”

Thursday September 9, 9:00 – 10:30 – Signal Processing for Multimedia Data

  • Edoardo Daniele Cannas, “High-level response detectors for multimedia forensics applications”
  • Mohamed Saifeddine Hadj Sassi, “Augmented and virtual reality systems in operative control room”
  • Kamal Lamichhane, “Multiview quality assessment”
  • Ilaria Mannocchi, ”Evaluation of quality of experience in virtual reality”
  • Mohamed Nabih Ali, “A Speech Enhancement Front-End for Intent Classification in Noisy Environment”
  • Davide Salvi, “A multimodal approach to face multimedia forensics challenges”
  • Ubaid Ullah, ”Application of Artificial Intelligence for the Processing of Audio Signal”

Thursday September 9, 11:00 – 12:30 – Signal Processing for Sensing and Communication Data

  • Reza Aghazadeh, “Signal processing for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces”
  • Sara Baldoni, “A clustering-based GNSS spoofing mitigation technique”
  • Michele Brizzi, “Imaging Sensors and 3D maps for visual navigation”
  • Matteo Ciotola, “A full-resolution training framework for Sentinel-2 image fusion”
  • Marco Maffei, “Bayesian inference via spaceborne radars for space situational awareness”
  • Francesca Pistilli, “Learning robust graph-convolutional representation for point cloud denoising”
  • Giulia Slavic, ”Combined Video and Odometry Filtering for Autonomous Vehicles”